Q. Are the people on Columbus Shemale all members, not paid workers?
A. The guests on-line are not paid workers, but people just like you, from your area, who have come to meet people and find a date.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Simply fill in the form provided on this webpage to become a member, and use any of our services.

Q. Is Columbus Shemale safe?
A. Columbus Shemale is anonymous, and other members cannot access or see your real name or number. That is why we advise you not to use your real name or to give anyone information that would enable them to contact you.

Q. What is the average number of people on a chatline?
A. That completely depends on the time of day, and to a certain degree, luck. In one moment, there may be few, and in the next, countless people.

Q. Are there examples of people who have built long-term relationships following their meeting on Columbus Shemale?
A. Yes. Many people who have met through out service have gone on to form long-lasting relationships.